PNA Construction Services, LLC is a Duluth based construction services. Our aim is to provide you quality services and help you maintain and repair your establishment and homes. Since our company started, we have served many satisfied clients and still counting to date.


Our engineers and specialist follow strict guidelines and industry standards. In the effort of providing quality services, owners budget is also follow to avoid costly changes.

We are offering Dry Wall Installation, Bathroom Re-modelling, Structure Demolition, Air conditioning Installation, Wall Paint, Finishing, Window Installation, Fence Installation, Kitchen Cabinet Installation, as well as Tiles installation.
We are a reliable constructor that can help you with your building need. Based on years of experience, we are very knowledgeable with material gathering and execution of planned rebuild. Our specialist are very understanding, and would love to do what the clients need.

Our strong relationship with many subcontractors have enable us to fulfill project demands. A lot of them follow strict international safety standards and provide professional services.
We also have a wide range of insurance claim portfolio. When a client needs an emergency rebuild due to natural calamity. Our company would love to also help you with insurance processing and claims.
When you need somebody who can help you with home build. Contact a PNA Construction Services will come over to you and will provide you proper and quotation and estimate.

Why Choose PNA Construction Services LLC.


Our Professional and technical team are properly trained to handle any situation. We can provide you the right services you need.


We are a locally owned business that can automatically cater and get to you incase of emergency. We are fast and can respond to reduce damage cost.


Will give you a proper recommendation if you need to change or rehabilitate any of your belongings. We care about your safety.

Our team of professionals will help you with anything that we can do. If you need somebody who can respond to your emergency request. Please feel free to contact us.