PNA Construction Services, LLC is a Duluth based construction services. Our aim is to provide you quality services and help you maintain and repair your establishment and homes. Since our company started, we have served many satisfied clients and still counting to date. We specialize in Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration and Home Rebuild.

Our PLUMBING team are well trained and highly knowledgeable to handle and tackle plumbing repair and projects. As soon as you hear waterdrop noise or notice wet and flooded floors, don’t let it become your BIG problem, contact a PNA specialist and will knock your door as soon as possible.

We will assure a quality job and provide you the best. Our knowledge on handling water damage project is extensive.In fact, we have even handled high pressure pipes, water heated pipes as well as under the sink pipes. We have also handled plumbing projects that are so difficult and hard to get to. For us there is no tough, we will do it al!

How small or big the fire is, it’s so challenging to become a fire victim, we feel your pain and one time or somehow in our life we lost something important and special during a fire. We saw people and family who are so devastated to the point of breaking down. It breaks our heart and speechless.

Because of that we grow our desire to help the victim with anything that we can do. We will lend our helping hands to the people who are in need. From the step by step documentation and insurance claims to systematically clean your space and removing smoke smell. We will rebuild your future!

Another type of our service is home rebuild. We offer cabinet installation, shower head and curtain installation. We also have a team of certified technicians that can help you repaint,install tiles and demolish any structure.

Molds are one of the leading causes of death in the US. There are plenty of molds that lurk around our home as well as any establishment. There are molds that are not harmful but most of it can cause death and respiratory failure. Due to climate change,many places that are dry before now damp because of rain and flood. If areas have been wet, especially wood products, surely about90% chance, molds will strive & live in that area.

If you smell fishy, foul, offensive odor and even a visible black spot on your ceiling, tiles and floor. then its time to contact PNA Construction Services. We are equipped with the right tools and gadgets that can detect mold, we can analyze the air you breath using sophisticated tools that we have.



Paul Na the owner of PNA Construction Services LLC. Almost 20 years of experience In the field of Construction and Home Rebuild.


We will provide you outstanding results and quality services.

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